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 Please note that our shirts do run on the smaller side so if you are right on the border please buy one size up. Please note these are standard sleeve lengths. Dress shirts sleeve lengths do not translate to casual shirt sleeve lengths. As an example if you wear a 32/33 dress shirt sleeve length then a medium will fit you. If any questions or confusion please email us.


 Men’s Sizing & Fit Chart

Regular Fit: - Use the sizing chart as a guide, but please contact us with any questions.

Slim Fit - The slim fit is one inch narrower in the chest and two inches narrower in the waist. The sleeves are also slightly more narrow. It's made for, well, slim people.


Women's Sizing & Fit Chart


SHRINKAGE: Our shirts are pre-washed so shrinkage will be minimal. Please see below.

1. Dry-clean: Negligible shrinkage

2. Machine wash (cold) / Machine dry (delicate) or Hang dry: Negligible Shrinkage

3. Machine wash (hot) / machine dry (normal)Shirt will shrink about 1/4 inch all the way around. This is a very small amount!