At UNTUCKit, we’re committed to celebrating the strong, diverse women who play a critical role in our success as a company. (After all, about half of our entire US team—and management—is made up of women.)

In honor of International Women’s Day 2023, we wanted to highlight three of the women who work at UNTUCKit, in both the corporate office and in the field, driving our growth, community, and customers. 
We asked them about how they came to UNTUCKit and any advice they have for women in the workforce. Here’s what they had to say.

Susan H. 
Designer, UNTUCKit for Her 

"I started at UNTUCKit in March of 2021, on the verge of losing my mind during lockdown. I  knew immediately that it was the job for me. There was so much potential in the women’s line and the company as a whole—and I wanted in.

"I’ve worked in a couple of really huge corporations, and just felt like a small cog in a very big machine. My advice to women is to seize little opportunities to speak up, make people listen, and prove why you matter, great things can happen.

"Creativity and innovation comes from limitations and roadblocks. Don’t look at them as things that are standing in your way. They are opportunities to push your worldview and expand your way of thinking, because true creativity is born from the need to problem solve."

Francesca R.
Retail Market Manager

"When I came to UNTUCKit, I was wondering if I wanted to still be in retail or pursue a different career path. UNTUCKit caught my interest, and the rest is history.

"My biggest piece of advice is to take some time and take care of yourself. Sometimes it's very easy to forget about yourself and get caught in the noise. Don't forget to set that time and do what you love, whether it's watching a favorite TV show or going out with friends.

"My dad was always someone I looked up to growing up. When it came to being on time, he would be the first person ready to leave 30 minutes early. I remember when I got my first job, he always said to be punctual, respectful and consistent, and that has always stuck with me to this day."

Kelsey K.
Graphic Designer

"I was working as a freelance designer, and got recruited to work in a contract role for the design team. Then I came on as a full-time employee."

"The advice I'd share is what I learned from my uncle shortly after graduating college: You should have more than one hobby in life, in fact you should have three. One that gives you joy, one you can learn from, and lastly one that earns you money."

"That and what I learned from my grandfather, who's also my biggest role model. He's always looking for the next adventure, super active, and has been a lifetime learner. I'd love to be able to ride a bike around the neighborhood at 89 years old."