At UNTUCKit, we’re committed to celebrating the strong, diverse women who play a critical role in our success as a company. In honor of International Women’s Day 2024, we wanted to highlight three of the women who work at UNTUCKit, in both the corporate office and in the field, driving our growth, community, and customers. We asked them about how they came to UNTUCKit and any advice they have for women in the workforce. Here’s what they had to say.


Vanessa P. 
VP of Design  

I have always worked in the menswear field, and I had been in touch with Bjorn (UNTUCKit’s Chief Product & Supply Chain Officer) and he asked if I wanted to come on board! What drew me to UNTUCKit was, the minute you walk in, there are a lot of women leaders and roles, and in general, a wide variety of women with different backgrounds and experience levels.

My advice to women just starting their careers would be to do what you feel passionate about! If you authentically do what you’re interested in, you’ll automatically be better at it. Your own unique value is what you bring. 


Valentina G.
Social Media Manager

I started at UNTUCKit two and half years ago after working for an agency where I managed social media for around five brands at a time. I was so ready to work in-house for a company that I felt proud of. UNTUCKit felt natural as I was already a customer buying shirts for my dad for years. Before I was offered the job, I spoke to our founder Chris Riccobono about some of my ideas on how to grow our social media presence. I knew from that phone call that UNTUCKit would be a place where I can grow too.

As a creative, Ive been told that I take feedback very well. While that is great, Ive learned that there are times when respectfully pushing back and sharing my viewpoint can add value to a project or discussion. Its easy to be yes woman but you might be bypassing a better outcome by forfeiting a challenge.


Stephanie N.
Senior Planning Manager

I arrived at UNTUCKit after transitioning from larger retailers to smaller brands, seeking a more intimate and impactful work environment. My first-hand experience at the Garden State retail store gave me insight into UNTUCKits exceptional customer service and commitment to quality. Now, working alongside a fantastic team, predominantly women, I find my role incredibly rewarding. Every day, we collaborate to drive business success, making UNTUCKit a truly great place to work.

My advice to women starting their careers is to keep learning and stay curious. Throughout my career, Ive transitioned through various roles, each teaching me more about the retail industry. I also pursued my MBA while working, which provided me with a high-level business perspective. Balancing work, learning, and family can be challenging, so its crucial to love what you do and maintain a sense of curiosity.