By Chris Lawrence


When people hear UNTUCKit has a women’s line, their responses are almost unanimously, “Really?” But the truth is our intrepid, all-female women’s team recently reimagined the entire collection from the top down. This newest assortment, which features effortless outerwear, chic shirtdresses, and updates to our most popular women’s shirts, is the creation of designer Dana Coppolino.


UNTUCKit Women's designer Dana Coppolino


For nearly 20 years, Coppolino has designed for top fashion brands, but now focuses on reinvigorating a women’s line she’s never been more proud to introduce. Here, we reveal the designer’s inspiration for the collection, favorite new pieces, and her plan to grow a successful women’s line out of a male-dominated company.

The name says UNTUCKit, but some of these shirts are tucked in. What gives?

We’ve never tried to tell women how to wear their shirt—just tried to get them the right fit. To that end, we designed our length to be very flattering, whether the shirt is worn tucked or untucked. The choice is theirs.

What was your inspiration for Fall ’19?

I'm always watching the runway to see which looks could translate into our world. My goal is to create a women’s collection that feels modern, fresh, and easy to wear. Every woman should be able to make these pieces their own by mixing and matching them with things they already have in their closet.


Model wearing Women's Brynn Blazer

What are your favorite pieces of the season?

Our stretch silk blouses. The look and feel is incredible, and they can elevate any look. The Sophie Wrap is a lot of fun—a great piece that looks great on women of all ages and body types. I love our blazer because it’s versatile—you can dress it up and down. That’s something we really try to accomplish with the women's collection.


Model wearing Women's Sophie Herringbone Wrap

UNTUCKit solves lots of problems for guys. What about for women?

I have to say our Perfect Placement Buttons. A lot of women have issues with gaping in the chest area, so we work really hard to reposition the buttons to make sure they always stay closed. It makes a huge difference when you’re wearing a button-up shirt.

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