It’s been a busy year for Jake and Caroline Danehy, co-founders of Fair HarborWe first partnered with the brother-sister duo last summer on our first-ever sustainable swimwear line made with traceable threads upcycled from post-consumer plastic bottles. This year, in time for World Oceans Day, we’re launching new eco-friendly shorts—each with a supersoft liner so you can wear them all day. We’re also partnering with Fair Harbor’s on their mission for a cleaner, healthier planet. 

“Our partnership in 2019 was such a success, from our sustainable swim trunks to our beach cleanups, that we had to repeat it,” says Caroline Danehy, chief creative officer of Fair Harbor, which UNTUCKit has incubated for the past two years. “For 2020, I can’t wait to introduce our new and improved trunks and help take even more post-consumer plastic out of the ocean.” 

The new collection features quick-dry, anti-chafe liners—instead of uncomfortable mesh—that make them comfortable enough to wear all day. The shorts’ four-way stretch fabric also repels water, dries quickly, and resists odors, all while keeping plastic out of our oceans and off of our beaches. 

To date, Fair Harbor has recycled more than 2.5 million post-consumer plastic bottles. By the end of 2020, it hopes to surpass 3 million, and we’re honored to help them keep our beaches clean. Earlier this year, UNTUCKit pledged to help Fair Harbor hit that number by promising to pick up 5,000 pounds of trash in our communities.

Fair Harbor is thrilled to have UNTUCKit as a partner in our World Oceans Day efforts,” says Caroline. “Together, we hope to help customers make sustainable choices, from the way they shop to how they treat the precious marine environments around them.”