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College Ambassador Program

UNTUCKit Spring Semester 2017 Application

Not every retail company is built equally.  UNTUCKit was built on innovation, real world problem solving, and cutting edge design… and we run with it.  A short few years later we have grown into a leading apparel company that prides itself on superior customer service and product, and really really happy customers.

If you are interested in a career in e-commerce, retail, and digital marketing after you graduate college and want to get some real world experience UNTUCKit’s college ambassador program is the place for you.


What we are looking for:

  • Energetic and self-motivated individuals who are eager to create brand awareness for our company.
  • Students who are enthusiastic to learn about our business and industry, and who will be able to put that knowledge to good use to promote our brand at your university.
  • Outside the box thinkers who will come up with innovative ideas to spread the word and drive them towards producing sales.
  • Leaders who will make a real impact on our business.
  • High social media engagement. Social influencers. Social butterflies.  Natural promoters. Individuals who are able to leverage their networks and put them to use behind a great product. 
  • And most importantly individuals who believe well designed shirts look better untucked and have been waiting their whole life for a company to notice!


What we offer:

Most importantly you will be gaining real world experience in business development, sales, marketing and community building, which believe us will be invaluable once you join the work force.


But it doesn’t stop there:

  • UNTUCKit merchandise (men’s and women’s) and swag… for you and your friends to promote the brand, but also for you to look good doing it.
  • Sales commissions… we know college is expensive and we want to help you earn money to make your day to day life a little easier.
  • Additional merchandise when you meet certain goals… because we know you will want more shirts once you try one on.
  • Prizes and cash bonuses for top performers… we like to reward excellence.
  • Letters of recommendation… to help you get that first job.
  • A potential internship with us for summer 2017… in New York City!!


What we will require of you:

  • Host minimum of 2 events per semester; send us photos and a summary of the event. Not only are we looking to create brand awareness and potential sales, but we think that they should serve an educational and/or social responsibility purpose.  Grow our brand and feel good doing so.
  • High social media engagement. Primarily informal and organic.  We want you to be talking about our products whether it’s on social media or around campus.
  • Overall promotion of our brand. Ambassadors will be expected to promote the UNTUCKit brand around campus.
  • Ambassador will get a referral code to use and promote sales. We want to know how well you are doing and compensate you for it!


If you think you meet our criteria and are looking for the benefits come with working for us, please apply below.


Please email all information to


General information:


Date of birth

Mailing address


Phone number


Campus information:




Expected graduation year and current semester

Greek affiliation/if yes which one

Sports team and club membership


Social information:

Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram handles and number of followers


Program questions:

Have you ever been a college ambassador before? Which one?

Describe what was most successful about the program?  What was hardest?  What would you have done differently?

Give us two to three campus event ideas you might have or have attended in the past.

Finally, we want to see your passion!  Email us a (one-minute max) video letting us know how you identify with the UNTUCKit brand.  Don’t forget to include your name and school.