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Press and News regarding UNTUCKit


UNTUCKit is in the news! Whether it is about our innovative shirts, fashionable styles, the awesome dudes who wear it and the amazing people talking about it!

June, 2011 - GQ

The secret is in the pattern and specs, which are based on height and weight and ideally place the hem line between the belt line and the base of your zipper, leaving the pockets on your pants exposed. Perfection... (read more)

December, 2011 - The Today Show
We make your "significant other sexy," according to Jill Martin, Us Weekly/Today Show contributor who highlighted our awesome shirts as part of their 'Sexier in Seconds" fashion segment with Hoda and Kathie Lee!... (read more)

February, 2012 - Men's Health
If you’ve already solved the starch or no starch question, you’ll be relieved to know another pressing shirt question has been solved: UNTUCKit button fronts are specifically designed to be worn untucked... (read more)

September, 2011 - Wall Street Journal 

What wine goes with plaid? If this seems like a ridiculous question, you’re probably not taking part in this week’s New York Fashion Week... (read more)

December, 2011 - Glamour
Let’s face it: Some men are just not the shirt-tucked-in types. If your man is one of them, pick up one of these button-downs, tailored specifically to be worn out... (read more)

September, 2010 - Thrillist
Unlike your hands, this casual Egyptian cotton long-sleeve doesn't go down your pants, designed instead with a navy/ brown/ white micro-plaid pattern, red contrast stitching on the cuffs/ buttons, and a cut that "falls halfway between the belt and the bottom of the zipper", because look, they're not going to say "right about wang-height....(read more) 

December, 2011 - The Huffington Post

UNTUCKit shirts, like its name suggest, are meant to be worn hanging out. Tailored to fall at the perfect length to create a focused look, they come in many styles from more casual checkered patterns to straight-up dress shirts that could be worn to more formal events.!... (read more)

November, 2011 - W Magazine

What is great is the obsessive attention to detail: The branding is minimal, the fabrics are high quality, and the sizing and tailoring flatter almost every body type... (read more)


September, 2011 - The Look on The Today Show

For men, it used to be a fashion faux pas to leave your button-down shirt untucked, but the folks at UnTuckIt have designed a chic shirt meant to be worn this way... (read more)

April, 2011 - Fox News

Chris Ricobonno discusses his knowledge of wine and fine shirt making... (read more)

April, 2012 - BlackBook Magazine

The best ideas are ones that solve problems for yourself,” says Chris Riccobono. And with the creation of his shirt company UNTUCKit, he did exactly that...... (read more)

April, 2012 - NBC Miami

Untuckit, a new company making beautifully tailored shirts, offers an ingenious sartorial solution for guys looking to sport a more relaxed look, with or without a jacket.... (read more)

June, 2011 - Us Weekly

Kevin Connelly, Mark Salling and Zac Efron rock these casual dress shirts made to be worn untucked... (read more)

February, 2012 - iVillage

Here’s one gift that every guy wants: A shirt especially designed to wear untucked without looking sloppy... (read more)

June, 2012 - People Magazine

Designed to be worn casually, Untuckit’s ultra-fine summer plaid button-down scores high on the fashion chart with stylish papas like Cash Warren (who owns this design) and Scott Disick.... (read more)

June, 2012 -

Your papi will love these shirts, which are perfectly fitted to be worn untucked.... (read more)

June, 2012 - TODAY Show

Contributor Jill Martin's favorite Father's Day Gifts... (read more)

June, 2012 -

Is your dad a fashion faux pop?? He thinks that letting his baggy button-down hang loose makes him look cool and casual? Tell him to think again!... (read more)

January 2013 - American Way

Let’s be honest: When it comes to men’s clothing, it’s not easy to find a shirt that looks good untucked. They’re usually too long or bulky, making his waist disappear and the guy seem sloppy instead of stylish. Luckily, there’s a solution...(read more)