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4 Tips on Wearing Your Shirt Untucked

Men have long gravitated toward wearing button down shirts untucked.  There is, after all, a certain statement a man can make by simply untucking his shirt: shifting from thoughtfully tidy to thoughtfully casual.  An editor of a fashion magazine once said of the untucked look, "It is a style that wouldn't work in the boardroom, but pretty much anywhere else it would look really cool."  Most men would agree.  If only it were that easy. See below to see Founder Chris Riccobono's tips and techniques to improve your untucked look. 

Tip #1: Length Matters

When it comes to wearing your shirt untucked, length matters.  If the shirt is too long you'll do yourself any number of fashion disservices, the end result of which is that you'll almost undoubtedly look sloppy.  Why?  Well, for two reasons really.  First, you kill the shape and style of the other half of your outfit, your pants.  And second, because you change the visible proportions of your body...butchering the 'divine proportions' made famous by Da Vinci's Vitruvian man.  So what is the optimal length? Well we here at UNTUCKit wanted to answer the same question.  So we conducted an extensive survey among women ranging from their early 20s to mid 40s, showing them 10 pictures of a model wearing an untucked shirt falling at different lengths. Women showed an overwhelming preference for shirts that 'fell' in the middle of the zipper that exposed some of the pant pockets, which is what we've coined as the 'zone of acceptable length'.


Tip #2: Redefined smart casual by pairing an untucked shirt with a 'fitted' sports coat

Do not buy into the theory "wearing your shirt untucked is a sloppy look".  See Tip #1 to avoid this mousetrap.  In fact, pairing an untucked shirt with a 'fitted' sports coat and a dark pair of jeans can rock the smart casual look.  The key is to make sure the shirt lines up with the bottom of the coat but does not hang below it. 

Tip #3. More than plaid can be untucked

Many people think just casual shirts and plaids can be worn untucked.  This is not the case. UNTUCKit offer some extremely high quality fabrics that when worn untucked look great.  One of my favorite formal "untucked" looks it to wear an untucked shirt with a v-neck and a sports jacket. The length of the shirt needs to be about an inch longer than the v-neck and an inch shorter than the blazer.
Tip #4: Avoid Square Bottom Shirts

Outside of t-shirts, polos, and henleys, shirts should generally not have a square bottom. We're not saying there's no place in this world for square bottom shirts, but it's usually reserved for Cuban guayaberas and owners of sugar cane plantations. Caveat: for any reader who is currently wearing a square bottom...I'm sure it looks good on you!


Ready to put these tips into action? Start by exploring our great range of button-down shirts made to be untucked!