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It's a straightforward look that's often done too little justice. So we came up with a solution – a shirt that's designed to fall at the perfect length every time. A design fit for comfort, not convention.

Our Journey

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Chris Riccobono identifies a persistent problem in menswear: the sloppily untucked shirt. He surveys over 500 people and learns he’s not alone.

Chris recruits friend and fellow Columbia grad Aaron Sanandres to partner up and bring the idea to life. With business plan in hand, they convince friends/family to invest in UNTUCKit.

Their inaugural launch of 15 shirts is called “perfection” by GQ.

Family friend, Kevin Marzolla, becomes the first employee, works double time to keep up with demand. Shipping is fulfilled out of Chris’ third bedroom at his home in New Jersey.

Fun Fact: All of our shirts are named after wines!

Aaron and Chris continue to juggle day jobs at PWC and GE, respectively, to keep the UNTUCKit dream alive.

Brad Richards (former Stanley Cup MVP) is named UNTUCKit’s first brand ambassador.

Sales increase sixfold and Chris leaves GE to give UNTUCKit his full attention. Goodbye Corporate America! UNTUCKit gains steam and begins to hire even more employees.

UNTUCKit’s first brick and mortar store opens in the heart of Soho, NYC. Guys can finally find their fit in the flesh while sipping on Bourbon - our kind of shopping!

Aaron leaves PWC after 18 years to join UNTUCKit as CEO...he’s all in! The team launches a mobile tour to get the word out around the country.

*4 new store openings in Austin, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco.

UNTUCKit HQ finds a home in NYC and hires its 100th employee. The team goes global for photo shoots in Cartagena, Colombia, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

UNTUCKit outgrows its NYC corporate headquarters and moves to Greene St.

50 stores are now open nationwide as well as a store in Canada!

Fit is important for sure, but comfort was the number one draw for me. The shirts look good, but they're also incredibly comfortable.

- Victor Cruz, NFL


- GQ Magazine

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Free Returns & Exchanges

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