By Alicia Harper


At UNTUCKit, we believe voting is one of our greatest civic duties and privileges. That's why we're proud to be part of Make Time to Vote, an initiative to give employees paid time off while they make their voices heard on November 6th.

Make Time to Vote is a nonpartisan campaign led by more than 100 CEOs nationwide that offers employees time off and other incentives to vote.

U.S. voter turnout recently slumped as low as 36 percent, and there are no federal laws requiring paid time off to vote. With midterm elections coming up, we’re happy to join this campaign and make voting easier for our employees.

“I’m proud to be among such great company in support of this campaign,” says UNTUCKit CEO Aaron Sanandres. “Make Time To Vote reflects our brand values by making it easy for our 400-plus employees—in both our headquarters and 42 retail locations—to cast their vote on November 6.”

Please use the links below to find out more about Make Time To Vote or to find your local polling place.

Find your local polling place:

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