We’ve all felt it before—the dread that comes with dressing up when it’s scorching outside. Summer weddings, outdoor work events, and warm-weather parties—they’re not as fun when you’re self conscious about pit stains and overheating. That’s because looking nice often involves long sleeves and more than one layer at a time when it’s easy to get hot and start sweating. 

But there’s good news for guys who run warm: Shirt fabrics have come a long way in recent times. There are now lightweight and Performance materials to help you shed heat and keep cool. Guys even have the option for sport coats with minimal lining and breezy materials—yet they still look polished. There are also a few styling tricks you can use to help keep your internal temperature down. 

So we’ve gathered our best advice for guys who want to look polished but still feel casual. Keep scrolling for answers to all of your questions about how to get dressed up in warm weather—without sweating through your look.

1. Can You Wear an Untucked Shirt as Formal Attire?


We’ll always support untucking your shirt (unsurprisingly), but the answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as a hard yes or no. Our expertly crafted styles are capable of handling the workweek, cocktail hours, and weddings, so if your definition of “formal” includes any of the above, then yes, you can definitely wear an untucked shirt and still look dressed up. Classic solid button-downs like our bestselling Wrinkle-Free Las Cases Shirt are easy go-tos when you need to look your best, but small, subtle patterns like the microgingham featured in our Wrinkle-Free Cadetto Shirt have a polished look that’s perfectly suited for formal events. However, for certain black-tie events, you run the risk of standing out with your shirt untucked. Don’t overthink it, just tuck it in! Our shirts look great untucked, but you can absolutely tuck them in if the occasion calls for it.  


2. Which Fabrics are Best for Warm Weather?

When the heat is on, your choice of shirt can be the difference between looking fresh or ending up with those dreaded sweat stains. Breathable material like lightweight linen is an easy go-to when temperatures rise: Linen fabric is naturally absorbent and quick-drying, making it an ideal choice for staying comfortable when summer weather is in full blast. Styles like our Wrinkle-Resistant Linen Vin Santo Shirt don’t just feel great, they’re specially treated to fight creasing so you can wash and dry at home—unlike other linen shirts, you can even pack them for your travels. Likewise, our Performance collection has the additional power of sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabric that’s essential for looking and feeling great when warmer weather rolls through. Our bestselling Wrinkle-Free Performance™ Gironde Shirt is an essential long-sleeve style that can handle hot, humid weather without compromising your sharp untucked look, but if the temps are really in the red, consider a short-sleeve style like the new Wrinkle-Free Performance™ Mavrud Shirt for an extra dose of cool.    


3. Can I Wear an Untucked Shirt as Summer Wedding Attire?  

The short answer is yes—but it depends. Destination, outdoor, or backyard wedding and you’re probably in the clear. It’s always best to check, but there’s a way to style a men’s untucked shirt so it’s still presentable at big events. Try a solid linen button-down—preferrably our Wrinkle-Resistant Linen—for anything on the beach or in very hot environments. Our shirts have double-reinforced collars, a curved hemline, and many other fine shirting details that help you look sharp. Long sleeve styles are more dressy; short sleeves are the most casual. Pair it with a pair of classic chino pants (or shorts if dress code allows) with that just right fit. The combination of high-quality materials and a precise fit will show and make you look more polished, even though you’re crazy comfortable. 


4. Can I Wear Polo Shirts to Look Dressed Up?



You can absolutely wear a polo shirt to look dressed up. The collar alone helps you look more polished than wearing a T-shirt or Henley. Start with our Wrinkle-Free Damaschino Polos in solid colors like black, white, or navy. They have a ribbed collar that won’t fall flat, fabric that’s ready to wear right out of the dryer, and small details like a tri-color tape on the lapel for a sporty look. For warm weather, try our sweat-wicking polos, which resist wrinkles and dry quickly so you won’t have to worry about sweat stains. To dress it up, wear a subtly patterned sport coat or solid blazer on top. If you can, find a partially lined or unlined jacket so you won’t overheat. The pair together will look sharp in a sporty way—and no you won’t have to tuck in your shirt. So you can look sharp and feel comfortable, while still getting credit for dressing up. 

5. What Are The Best Men’s Performance Button-Downs for Sweat Wicking?

Performance usually refers to shirts that have added stretch for easier movement. Our Performance styles have the extra benefits of Wrinkle-Free that allows you to wash, dry, and wear them right at home—something your busy summer schedule will definitely appreciate—plus a quick-drying, sweat-wicking fabric that’s essential for feeling cool and comfortable this season. Featuring a classic solid colorway and a sharp spread collar, the Wrinkle-Free Performance™ Short-Sleeve Gironde is a fan-favorite style that guarantees that you’ll look sharp and stay dry, even on the hottest days. If you’re looking for the same benefits with a fun weekend vibe, look no further—our Performance collection also includes colorful prints that’ll help you show off your personality. The vibrant, multicolored florals of the Wrinkle-Free Performance™ Short-Sleeve Caberlot Shirt are some of our boldest designs yet, with all of the properties mentioned above. 

6. Do Untucked Shirts Work for a Business Casual Dress Code?

Yes, you can wear an untucked shirt in a business casual environment. The pandemic changed a lot, even the definition of dress codes. Big financial institutions usually set the precedent for that kind of dressing, although in 2019, many major companies like Goldman Sachs loosened their definition of business casual to include untucked shirts. It was a move that was heralded by guys who want to look sharp and feel casual while at work. But it also shifted things for those of us who attend business casual events, but would rather go untucked. So, now you can wear untucked shirts (make sure they’re not too long and are designed to be worn untucked) at any business casual event, from a work function to a cocktail party and more. Just be sure it has a structured collar, high-end material, and other fine shirting details, like our Wrinkle-Free and Performance collections. They’re the perfect business casual men’s dress shirts for any occasion. 


7. What Are the Best Men’s Summer Dress Shirts?

Dressing up without feeling stuffy can be tricky, and especially in the summer months, you’ll want to choose your dressy apparel carefully. Our collection of Wrinkle-Resistant Linen is not only highly breathable, but also fights creasing so you can easily pack it for any upcoming destination vacations or weddings. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun in the sun, but this can easily cause you to overheat if you're not dressed correctly. Our solid-white Wrinkle-Free Performance™ Gironde Shirt is sharp enough for all of your formal events, and paired with a lightweight sport coat, you’ll look nice and polished without having to worry about the temperature. You can, however, get this elevated look with a classic patterned button-down. The subtle vertical stripes of our new Wrinkle-Free Villard Shirt look almost solid at a distance—combined with its structured spread collar and wrinkle-fighting fabric, it has the luxe look that’s perfect for summer date nights, the reception dance floor, and everything in between.