By Gabrielle Gerstley


Funny story: Many people who’ve heard of UNTUCKit think the brand was born from the entrepreneur game show Shark Tank. Although Founder Chris Riccobono and CEO Aaron Sanandres never appeared on the show, they did recently chat with Shark Tank judge Kevin O’Leary on his podcast, Ask Mr. Wonderful. Here are their tips for anyone who’s considered starting their own business.


Strong Branding is Key—as is Consistency

“The best decision we ever made was naming the brand UNTUCKit.” —Chris Riccobono

Many people tried to persuade Riccobono to use his own name for the brand. Instead, he found success with the name UNTUCKit. Other brands soon came out with similar untucked styles, but the name UNTUCKit let them establish themselves as the original.

Instead of going after the imitators, Riccobono and Sanandres were flattered. Sanandres says they build more awareness for the need for shirts that look good untucked and also for the brand itself.


Keep Your Day Job While Your Business is Young

“Don’t feel like you have to quit your day job and start from scratch. It will only add pressure and stress to an already strenuous situation.” —Aaron Sanandres

Riccobono sold healthcare equipment and Sanandres worked in finance in the first four years after starting UNTUCKit. Riccobono recommends finding a job that allows you flexibility to explore hobbies on the side. That way you can still have income and won’t go broke in case your side project doesn’t work out.


Don’t Stress About Mistakes. Learn From Them.

“In those early years, I wish I’d have enjoyed the ride more.” —Chris Riccobono

Riccobono says every entrepreneur should be prepared for problems and enjoy the setbacks—because they’re crucial learning moments. UNTUCKit had plenty of growing pains in the beginning, but Riccobono wishes he’d relished those hard times rather than losing sleep over them. To him, those hurdles are part of the challenge—and the joy—of being an entrepreneur.