By Alicia Harper


As the first fall chill hits the air, the time to prepare your closet for the changing season is now. But no need to stress. You only need a few key styles to last you well into winter.

Here, our director of design and and resident style guru, Ross Manning, weighs in on the fall essentials every man needs for the changing season—as well as some helpful tips and tricks on how best to wear them.


Puffer Vests



A lightweight vest will be your utility player, making a perfect layer for when you need an extra boost of warmth without a full winter coat.

This durable puffer’s padding and warm lining trap in body your heat, while a water-repellent shell keeps you dry on those especially dreary days. Plus, you can easily pack it into an included pouch for long-distance travel.

“Puffer vests add a cool, modern look and keep you warm without fear of overheating,” says Manning. “On a really cold winter day, you can layer a button-down, a crew-neck sweater, and a puffer vest all at once.”


Sport Coats



Every guy needs a least two in his arsenal—one for work, one for play. The constructed version is for dressier occasions, while unconstructed jackets conforms to your body for a laid-back look and feel.

“Sport coats are an easy way to look instantly put together,” says Manning. “Choose a patterned style when you want to dress up, or a solid colored version for a more versatile look.” They’re the perfect weight for transitional days, so you can put a tee or a sweater underneath—or add heavier outerwear on top.


Shirt Jackets



Too cold for a shirt, but too warm for a jacket? There’s no need to pick between the two. Shirt jackets offer all the warmth of a sturdy fall coat with the comfort of your favorite flannel.

“Think of them as an easy-going, casual alternative to a sport coat,” says Manning. “I dress it up with a turtleneck or add interest by rolling the sleeves.”

Dress it up with a wrinkle-free button-down, or slip it easily under a heavy winter jacket to stay nice and cozy through harsh winter winds.


Wrinkle-Free Flannels



Flannel is a must-have for every guy for fall. “They offer warmth without the bulk of a winter jacket,” says Manning. “They can serve as a uniform for lots of guys. Make a conservative look more stylish by adding a turtleneck underneath.”

But just because you want a comfortable flannel, doesn’t mean you should have to put up with wrinkles. Pack this no-crease shirt for trips so you’ll always look crisp, even when you wear it under a heavy jacket. Plus, the color of these shirts is locked in, so they’ll keep their bright hues through every wash.


Washable Merino Sweaters



“Not too dressy and not too casual, you can’t go wrong with a merino wool sweater,” says Manning. “It’s a timeless, neutral piece that every guy should own. It’s also great for layering in all types of weather because wool naturally regulates your body temperature by warming you up and keeping you dry.”

With this sweater, you won’t have to worry about racking up a hefty dry cleaning bills? Thanks to a special treatment, its wool fibers can now withstand the wrath of your washing machine and come out looking better than ever—just be sure to lay it flat to dry.


Wrinkle-Free Button-Downs



These are your no-nonsense, everyday closet staple. Wrinkle-free shirts are built with a special treatment that fights off those pesky creases. ““Wear them solo or as a layer. They resist wrinkles underneath your outerwear, so you’ll still look polished after your morning commute or a long day,” says Manning. “They save you time and money—a no-brainer.”

These shirts are pre-shrunk so they keep their shape longer than your average button-down. So, now you can get ready even quicker in the morning—just wash, wear, and repeat.


Long-Sleeve Henleys



Underneath a sweater or all on their own—there’s no wrong way to wear a comfortable long-sleeve henley. “You can take them along with you when you travel because they they don’t take up space and offer loads of different styling options,” says Manning.

These henleys are super soft to the touch and naturally breathable—with a forgiving fit. They make packing for travel easy for the guy that’s always on the go, but they’re also great for staying home and laying back on the weekends.