At UNTUCKit, we’re committed to celebrating the strong, diverse women who play such an integral role in our success as a company. Nearly half of our entire US team—and management—is women.



In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to shine a special light on three of the women who work at our New York headquarters, driving our growth and empowering our community. We asked them about their experiences at the brand—and any advice they have for women just entering the workforce. Here’s what they had to say.


Shannen M.
Customer Retention



“My first job out of college was at HBC Digital, then I transitioned to a department store where I was a site and email coordinator. That’s where my passion for consumer behavior ignited. I came to UNTUCKit when an old coworker asked if I would be open to joining her email team. It sounded like a great opportunity.



“My best piece of advice is to deliver work you’re proud of. This will help you feel confident if anyone has comments or questions. Also, always be kind. Even when tensions are high or you are frustrated, we are all fighting our own battles and have personal lives outside of the job that sometimes get the better of us. Treating people with respect and kindness goes a long way with most people. We are all human!”


Paige C.
Brand Marketing



“I worked in social media at another shirt brand, which ultimately led me to UNTUCKit. Here, I was able to go from just managing our brand's social media channels to a broader marketing role, which allowed me to manage much of the company's cross-functional initiatives.



“I've worked at men's brands my entire career, so I don't think of myself as being a ‘woman in the workplace,’ I just think of myself as being in the workplace. I think a lot of that mentality comes from my dad, who was always super supportive of my ambitions and genuinely took an interest in the work I was doing.



“When I was growing up, my dad always posed the question, ‘Why not?’ Especially at times when he was suggesting something that seemed totally out of reach. Why not apply for that role? Why not ask to lead that project? Why not ask for the raise? So now, whenever I am unsure of something, I simply ask myself, ‘why not?’ In 29 years, I have yet to come up with a reason to not try something new.”


Francesca V.



“I started my career by working at a high-end contemporary women’s brand primarily as a ‘Jane of all trades’—trying to get as much exposure to anything and everything so I could find my niche. Through an acquisition at my previous job, I had the opportunity to focus on eCommerce and marketing and really found that I enjoyed that more than sales and production projects.



“I’ve been really blessed with the team that I have the pleasure of working with as it’s diverse and they genuinely care about your growth not only professionally, but personally as well.

“The thing I’ve really learned and benefited from over the past couple of years would be setting boundaries and honoring them. By doing this it sets clear expectations as to your availability and you can protect yourself from burnout.”