By Paige Carlotti

Back in July, the world was in a very different place. Many businesses, including photo studios, were shut down, but we had lots of brand new styles we were eager to showcase. The new collection, now live, was specifically designed to match the new pace of life right now. That’s what brought us to the quaint, charming town of Kingston, New York. About two hours north of our headquarters in New York City, the area is rich with history and exudes natural beauty. It was the perfect backdrop for the debut fall 2020.


Clayton wearing UNTUCKit in front of Roundout Creek

Kingston’s beautiful landscape and architecture proved to be just the backdrop our sharp, casual styles needed. Pictured here is one of our favorite layering looks of the season: a quilted vest with a flannel. The easy fall colors look great in front of Roundout Creek, which flows into the Hudson River.


Kingston, NY skyline

The Kingston skyline looks a bit different from the ones we’re used to shooting. But this quiet town felt like a more appropriate setting than ever.


Rainier in Fleece Zip-Up and Button-Down

Another reason we chose Kingston was for its historic setting. Some of its stone structures date back to the 1700s. Did you know it was the first capital of New York—before Albany?


Marian in UNTUCKit Shirt Jacket

Kingston was a resounding success, and despite all the extra work to keep every safe, we’re ready to take on fall with renewed energy and confidence.


UNTUCKit Photo Team Wearing Masks

What you’re not seeing in the pages of our catalog is what went on behind the scenes. Our intrepid photo team went above and beyond to make sure everyone on set felt safe with things like hand-washing stations and sanitizers, EMT support that provided daily wellness checks and safety briefings, and more.


UNTUCKit Model Getting Groomed

Everyone involved was excited to get out of the city. One of our longtime models was even ready to shed his quarantine beard for us.


We think he likes a clean shave better. Or maybe it’s just the wrinkle-free shirt. We can’t wait for you to try our redesigned styles for fall.