Devon Baverman, Director of Brand Visuals

"Don't mix your liquors."

"If you don’t want to see it on the front page of the paper tomorrow, don’t do it."

"Don’t mix your bourbon. It should be neat or on the rocks."

Paige Carlotti, Marketing Manager

"Listen to your mother."

Amila Pezer, Sr. Education & Development Manager, Retail & Corporate

"Work hard, pursue your dreams, help others and be kind—you don't know what anyone is going through."

Dan Michel, Senior Director of Editorial & PR

"You are who you hang with. Take a look around, and if you're not proud of the company you keep, it's time to reexamine your friends."

"Don't keep your cash in your wallet. That way, if they steal one, you still have the other."

"Put a tiny pinch of salt in your beer. It balances the flavor and releases the carbonation so you don't feel so gassy."

Susan Hill, Women's Designer

My dad has always been a proponent for taking risks and making mistakes, which makes for a great role model and fun childhood. Just this morning we were texting and he said, "I wish I were you, to be so damn young. I'd make the same mistakes all over again."

Kathleen Marzolla, Director of Merchandising & Product Development, Women's

"If you want something... do it yourself."