By Alicia Harper

Memorial Day kicks off the season of weekend excursions—and not a moment too soon. But with the vacation rush comes all the packing and hauling that can make your trip a little less fun. We made sure that you won’t waste a minute overthinking what to bring thanks to this list of the most packable styles that will look fresh not matter where you’re headed.

We’ve also enlisted the help of style expert Megan Collins—aka Style Girlfriend—to weigh in on how to make packing a cinch. Follow her time-tested tips combined with these travel-friendly items, and you’ll nail your vacation style every time.


Roll & Fold

Whether you’re rolling or folding your shirts, wrinkles are inevitable—unless you pack wrinkle-free shirts. Look for styles treated with a stay-crisp finish so they’ll always go back to their original state. That way, you won’t waste precious time ironing when you could be relaxing.

Pro Tip: “Rolling vs. folding your clothes are both great methods of saving space when packing but it’s really just a personal preference,” says Collins. “In terms of saving space, the best thing you can do is restrict yourself to only two pairs of shoes: one pair of sneakers and a dressier pair of shoes you can wear out at night.”


Stick To Neutral Colors

Easy outfit pairings make packing light possible. So, be smart about which colors you buy, and opt for cool colors that can be easily combined with many pants, shorts, and accessories.

Pro Tip: “Choosing one neutral color—whether that’s navy, black, or grey—and packing clothes around that color will get you more mileage than a bunch of ‘statement’ pieces that don't go together,” says Collins. “This way, you’ll have plenty of outfit options for your trip.”


Pack The Perfect Pants

On vacation, you can wear the same pants more than once, so make sure you pack the right pair. Find pants with just the right amount of stretch—perfect for road trips and long flights—and in colors that go with almost anything.

Pro Tip: “Bring your most comfortable pair of pants or shorts that are solid and in a neutral tone to maximize both your comfort and your wardrobe options. Try visualizing the outfits you’ll wear on your trip as you’re packing, and you’ll save time when getting dressed each morning of your trip” says Collins.


Comfort is Cool

During summer travel, sweat can be your worst enemy. So, reach for clothes that won’t make you overheat like performance shirts with COOLMAX®, which evaporates moisture and leaves you feeling cool in the process. Also, go for styles with stretch that won’t constrict your movement to make long hauls easier and more comfortable.

Pro Tip:

“The ideal travel outfit is a mix of appropriate and comfortable,” says Collins. “Thankfully it’s easier than ever to find clothes that have hidden performance features, but still seem polished. You’ll look more stylish than your fellow travelers—and also feel laid back.”


Stay Organized

Around Memorial Day, the afternoons are hot, but the nights are still chilly. So, layers are necessary no matter where you’re heading. Pack a lightweight cotton sweatshirt to ward off chilly airplane temperature and keep you warm if the weather takes a turn.

Pro Tip: “Keep things organized by sorting everything out before you pack, and you’ll be less likely to forget key items,” says Collins. “And don’t bother zipping up your bag until you’re ready to walk out the door. You’re bound to include a new last-minute items like SPF and other toiletries.”