When we created the perfect untucked shirt, our founders had the perfect white button-down in mind—one that fit just right and had the right untucked length. That very first prototype from 2011 eventually became a shirt we still sell today: the Las Cases, named after one of our founder’s favorite wines.

With soft cotton fabric, a Wrinkle-Free treatment, Stay-Put Collars, and the perfect untucked length, The Las Cases was an instant bestseller years ago—and remains so to this day. Our customers love that it looks sharp and crisp, but still feels casual. You can go anywhere, any time, and you’ll always be appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Eventually we added cool details like a contrast navy placket (the vertical strip of fabric where your buttons live) and inside the cuffs to help make it even more of a classic look. That shirt, the Las Cases Special, became a bestseller, and our customer reviews were resounding. They loved these shirts and wanted even more variety.

So, we decided to expand on the perfect white shirt that started it all with our latest collection. To do this, we added a new detail to the shirt: an inner collar detail that peeks through just enough to be noticeably cool. We used those key details to create three new styles, each in their own special color and pattern. They’re perfect for work (home or the office) as well as the weekend.

The three new styles take inspiration from some of our other bestselling shirt styles. The first features a classic bright blue pinstripe detail that’s equal parts polished and preppy. The next is a subtle green plaid that’s so subtle that only those you’re up close and personal with will notice. Lastly, we recreated the Las Cases Special with the classic gray hue from our bestselling Orville shirt.

Our Las Cases Special collection—inspired by the original untucked shirt prototype—is available now in sizes S–XXXL, as well as slim and regular fits. Order today from UNTUCKit.com or try one on in person at one of our 80+ UNTUCKit stores worldwide.