The new year is almost here, and that means it's time to refresh your routines—including your closet. Think of it as a fresh opportunity to reset your style and try something new. (But no need to go wild.)

Lucky for you, UNTUCKit has the perfect styles that fit perfectly, transition easily from winter to spring, and give you the chance to revamp your look for whatever you're up in the new year. Whether you're dressing for a big move, a new job, a dinner out, or just want to switch up your look, you can't go wrong with these picks.

Birdseye Merino Wool Quarter-Zip Sweater

Every guy loves quarter-zip sweaters. They keep you warm (but not hot) and comfortable because they're made from insanely soft Merino wool. Plus they go great over any untucked shirt. This one takes it up a notch by adding a flecked birdseye pattern. Throw it over a classic white button-down for a timeless look, or wear it on its own over a pair of Chino Pants to refresh your look.



Corduroy Overshirt

Whether it's the dead of winter or starting to turn into spring, a supersoft corduroy overshirt is always the perfect layer. With a fine wale texture and just the right heft, you'll feel warm and cozy right into 2023. It's great to pair over an untucked shirt on a chilly day, and when it warms up, throw it over a tee to always look great.



Hemsworth Flannel Shirt

We upgraded our solid flannels (a customer favorite!) with a two-tone Herringbone pattern and double chest pockets. So if you want to look great and feel cozy at work or your next get-together in the new year, there's no easier choice than this supersoft style. This color goes great over our black Traveler Pants. 



 Wrinkle-Free Mclaren Shirt

Every great New Year's Eve outfit starts with a shirt that's designed to stay crisp. The Mclaren Shirt is an easy-breezy check shirt that goes great with everything from your favorite jeans to a classic pair of Chino Pants. Just throw the Mclaren in the wash, and it's ready to go right out of the dryer—so you can make 2023 at little easier on yourself.



Two-Tone Quarter-Zip

Busy winter ahead? You can't go wrong with this two-toned quarter-zip that's made from an ultra-comfortable, lightweight fleece blend. The soft-yet-tough nylon upper contrasts nicely with the rest of the style, and convenient pouch pockets easily store all your cargo. When you're on the go this winter, you'll appreciate this slightly sportier style. 

Ultrasoft Long-Sleeve Tee

Every winter look starts with a great base layer—and you won't find any better than the Ultrasoft Long-Sleeve Tee. It's made from a supersoft cotton blend, so no matter what you layer on top, you'll feel comfortable all day. It comes pre-shrunk, so it'll keep its shape, even after washing. It looks just as great under a flannel as it does on its own. Make it your new year closet staple.