By: Alicia Harper


Today—and every day—we celebrate the strong, diverse women who make up more than 60% of our corporate headquarters and 44% of our stores across North America. That’s why, for International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting three amazing women who drive the technology, design, and merchandising behind UNTUCKit’s success.

Lockie Andrews, Chief Digital Officer


“I came to UNTUCKit as a consultant to roll out new technology, but I stayed because I truly enjoy making an impact at smaller companies that are in growth mode. The team here was built on great instincts, so now we’re improving our technology to support the incredible scale that we’ve reached.

Working in tech—a male-dominant industry—I found that strong leadership is responsible for fostering growth and equality in the workplace. I love what I do, so I make a point to carry myself with a level of confidence that says ‘I belong here.’ My advice to women who are early in their career is if you're willing to outwork and endure, you’re sure to land in the right place.”

Deepshika Rao, Director of Product Development and Merchandising


“I started my career as a merchandiser for a multi-design brand in Calcutta, India. I knew I wanted to work in New York, so I applied and was accepted to Parson’s New School of Art & Design. While studying there, I met professor Bjorn Bengtsson, Chief Merchandising Officer at UNTUCKit. After finishing school, I became one of the first employees here.

At first, UNTUCKit was a lot of hard work—I lived and breathed my work—but after four years, I have my own team and have learned more about the industry than I could have imagined. My advice to young women joining the workforce is to seek out their passion. If you’re passionate, you’ll be dedicated to your work and want to do a better job all the time.”

Mary Adams, Senior Merchant


“I’ve been a merchant for nine years now, and I love it because it’s a mix of science and art. We use data to decide what we’ll sell and the art of design to decide what styles we believe in the most. I’ve really enjoyed the drive and motivation of the people that make up UNTUCKit, as well as collaborating for the greater good of the company.

UNTUCKit is definitely the most diverse workplace I've ever seen. Everyone's given a platform to speak, and every teams’ opinions are truly valued. I’d tell women just starting out that networking is important—even when you're not looking for a job. Always maintain your professional relationships, because you never know where they’ll lead.”