By Max Berlinger



It’s no secret: The world has become a more casual place. Not long ago, you dressed up for work and the weekend was the only time you could wear something casual. Now, you probably wouldn’t hesitate wearing a polo to work or sneakers to a nice restaurant. It makes things more comfortable and convenient, sure, but the fact is the more casual you dress, the harder it is looked put-together.

Perhaps the biggest change is where, exactly, the classic button-down shirt fits into the modern man’s wardrobe. Specifically the untucked button-down shirt—once a no-no, now a go-to for A-list celebrities and athletes like Matthew McConaughey, Jon Hamm, and Drew Brees. But like every casual style, there are plenty of pitfalls like looking sloppy, wrinkled, and potentially unprofessional.

The temptation is to simply untuck your shirt after work. It’s comfortable, quick, and it just feels good—but it doesn’t always look good because not every shirt is meant to be worn untucked. They can be too long, too wide, too billowy, or all of the above. That’s where UNTUCKit makes the difference, as their untucked shirts are specifically engineered for this reason, designed with a precise fit and meant to be worn untucked.

Here’s a look at the reasons why an untucked shirt is the most important item in your wardrobe and how to get the most mileage out of it.

Why Wear an Untucked Shirt?

Aside from untucked shirts being comfortable as hell, they are truly made to be worn in any situation. Men these days are looking for casual and stylish items that can work for any situation, according to the global trend authority, WGSN. Their menswear director, Volker Ketteniss, says that the internet has changed the way we live our lives—and what we expect from our clothing. We need clothes that not only look good but can take us through any day, from work to play and beyond.

“People want versatility,” Ketteniss said. “People don’t want to lose that feeling, that practicality, of sportswear. Not tucking in your shirt is a smarter version of what you can easily achieve with a T-shirt.

Nic Screws is a men’s style expert that has worked in the industry for over fifteen years, previously as an editor at Esquire magazine and as style director at Bloomberg Pursuits where she styled athletes like Victor Cruz, Dwyane Wade, and Tom Brady—to name just a few. Screws credits professional athletes, especially style-savvy NBA players and their recent embrace of fashion, for the rise of the untucked shirt.

“They’ve helped men become aware of their personal style as a form of self-expression,” Screws said. She added that untucked shirts are easy to wear and style in a variety of ways. “The untucked, casual button-down shirt plus a cool piece of outerwear became the unofficial uniform of the pregame entrance, and guys have taken notice.”

Screws also says the resurgence of untucked shirts have inspired a revolution in menswear. The difference has been noticeable. “Men everywhere are experimenting with pairing dressy elements with more casual ones.”

Find The Right Untucked Fit

The length of your untucked shirt is a make-or-break detail. Here’s the deal: An untucked shirt should hit around mid-zipper—a fit guideline that has been tested and proven by Bjorn Bengtsson, Chief Merchandising Officer of UNTUCKit. “The final length not only fit the best but is the best from aesthetic viewpoint.” Bengtsson adds. The greatest part of these UNTUCKit’s untucked shirts are that they have the right length no matter your size.

Fit isn’t just about how you feel in it, but also about how you look. That’s why UNTUCKit shirts work so well. Not only do they fall at the perfect length, but the overall fit is much more flattering. That’s because when you buy an UNTUCKit shirt, you pick a size and a fit for a 360-degree approach to a better fitting untucked shirt.

Screws has her own ways of determining whether or not the shirt fits well. “If wearing the shirt alone, you want to make sure it covers your belt and leaves some of your back pockets showing,” she said. “If your backside is completely covered by the shirt, it’s not the right option to go untucked.”

Screws also notes that an untucked shirt always looks best in a fit that skims your torso, but isn’t too tight. “In general, modern or tapered fit shirts are better suited for being worn untucked. Avoid billowy cuts with unnecessary fabric and longer shirttails.”

Another crucial area is your shoulders. Ideally, the seam will end right where your shoulder drops off. If you’re wearing the sleeve buttoned, it should end right at your wrist. Your collar should button comfortably when buttoned all the way up, with enough room for a finger or two to slip in. Under your arms, there should be enough give that you can lift your arms and move them a bit.

Where Can You Wear It

The truth is, there aren’t that many places were you can’t wear an untucked shirt. Wear it on a first date, and you’ll show that you’re put-together but laid-back. Wear it to Sunday brunch to demonstrate you’re a guy of both style and substance. Wear it to a weekend barbecue or grab drinks with your friends that will show your fun and relaxed. Whether you’re headed to a baseball game, the golf course, or even a job interview, there’s a style that’s right for the occasion. It’s the cornerstone of any good outfit and can, quite literally, go anywhere.

“I consider my untucked shirts to be an off-duty essential,” says Zach Weiss, a stylish writer and influencer who lives in New York City. “I’d like to make the world think I wear a three-piece suit everyday, but on an average work day, I’m wearing an untucked shirt or a polo shirt with a pair of dark wash denim or navy trousers.”

What to Wear With Wear an UNTUCKit shirt

One of the best parts of an UNTUCKit shirt, and wearing a shirt untucked in general, is that it’s easily the most versatile thing in your closet. “Personally, I think wearing an untucked shirt shows that the guy dresses with intention and values his own comfort without sacrificing any level of taste,” Weiss says. He likes to wear his in a fun, informal way, pairing it with a pair of eye-catching patterned trousers and no-show socks.

If you’re just starting to wear untucked shirts, start simple. For something super casual, consider wearing it as you would a tucked in shirt, with slim-fit jeans or chinos and simple sneakers. Add a lightweight jacket or a crewneck sweater if it’s a little cooler out. In warmer months, you can wear it open over a T-shirt for a stylish layered look.

If you want a more sartorial look, Screws offers this style advice. “Start easy by pairing a casual button-down—possibly a chambray or flannel with a tailored or more streamlined fit—with your favorite sport coat,” Screws says. “Just be sure that the shirt is not longer than the jacket.” Lucky for you, UNTUCKit shirts are designed to pair perfectly with our tailored sport coats.

Looking to be a bit more daring? You can wear it with a pair of slim sweats or track pants for an unexpected look. You could even wear it with a suit. Yes, the possibilities are endless.

The world has (finally!) come around to the untucked shirt and there’s hardly a corner of this universe where it won’t work. And where better to get one than at UNTUCKit? Life has so many tough decisions—but this isn’t one of them. Try one for yourself and don’t be surprised when it’s the first of many you buy.