It’s finally here: warm weather. After what seems like too long a wait, we’re finally getting a taste of spring and the coming summer. And that means we need the clothes to match the moment. That means no more stuffy shirts that make us overheat. Only cool, comfortable, warm-weather styles we love to wear.


What Are The Best Fabrics for Spring Weather?

The best fabrics for spring and summer are cotton, linen, and moisture-wicking Performance fabrics. They offer varying levels of lightness, breathability, and sweat wicking so you won’t overheat. Lucky for you, we offer all three types of fabric and more available now. 


What Are The Top Men’s Styles for Spring?

This spring, every guy needs an untucked shirt, whether it's a button-down, polos, or T-shirt. They keep men comfortable during the springtime with their lightweight fabrics and comfortable cuts. Keep scrolling for our top fabrics for men’s untucked shirts for spring—and everything that goes with them.


What Is Linen? Is Linen One Of The Coolest Spring Fabrics?

Linen is one of the world’s toughest natural fibers—by some counts, 20 times stronger than cotton. (In fact, it’s used in our dollar bills.) That’s because they’re made from the fibers of the flax plant, native to the Mediterranean region. However, linen shirts are known to wrinkle with the blow of a breeze. That’s because it’s so tough that its creasing becomes all the more prominent. 


But many of UNTUCKit’s linen shirts are specially treated to resist the creasing like your everyday linen shirts. These solid linen shirts for men look great—and never crumple—over a pair of Chino Shorts or your favorite jeans. 

“We treat our Wrinkle-Resistant Linen shirts with a special formula to keep them crisp,” says UNTUCKit merchant Monica Sutton. What this means for you: an easy, breezy linen shirt that won’t start to bend in the breeze. 



What Are The Best Spring Shirts For On The Go?

The best shirts for on the go are those with lightweight constructions, lots of stretch, and a high quality construction. Even better if you can find one in a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool when the weather starts to warm up. Our Enter: our Wrinkle-Free Performance moisture-wicking shirts for men, which are must-haves during hot spring days. Why? Because they’re specifically made to look great while keeping you at your coolest.


“Our Performance Short-Sleeve Shirts are ideal for spring,” says Sutton, “because they are airy, sweat-wicking, and keep you cool in transitional weather.”

Plus, our Wrinkle-Free Performance shirts come in long-sleeve and short-sleeve options. They're customer favorites because they're made with our bestselling fabric—so when the heat is really on, you can stay as cool as you could possibly be.

What Polos Should I Wear For Work In Spring?

If you’re looking for the best polos to wear for work and the weekend this spring, you can’t beat No Sweat polos. Similar to Wrinkle-Free Performance, these polos have the added power of odor-blocking technology to keep you fresh all day. If you’re being active, these sweat-wicking, odor-blocking polos keep you comfortable on the tennis court, on the golf course—and, of course, in the office. But what’s the main difference between No Sweat and Wrinkle-Free Performance?

“Our No Sweat Polos and Performance Polos have overlapping properties like breathability, moisture-wicking, and stretch,” says Kayla Burchin, merchant at UNTUCKit, “but they mostly differ in style and end-use.

No Sweat is more polished, intended to be transitional and comfortable on-the-go from the office to dinner or the golf course. Performance is intended to be more sporty and athletic. Also, our Printed No Sweat and Colorblock No Sweat contain TENCEL™, so those styles also have a sustainability aspect.”



What Is a Mineral Dye Shirt Or Polo?

When spring comes around, laid-back styles go a long way to cultivating a more relaxed vibe for your outfits. And it’s hard to get more chill than mineral dye shirts. These new styles are made from 100% garment-dyed cotton fabric that’s made not to shrink or fade, and dyed with natural minerals to give every style a unique patina.



“We dye these styles with vibrant colored, natural minerals and then wash them for a subtle, faded color and softer feel,” says Burchin.

“Due to the dyeing technique, natural variations in color may occur. These styles are perfect for a casual ‘lived-in’ look and a great addition to your spring wardrobe to pair back to shorts.”


What are the best Cotton Men’s Shirts and Button-Downs For Every Day?

Cotton is a staple of any spring wardrobe because of its softness and breathability. It’s among the most breathable fabrics out there—meaning, humid air flows through cotton relatively easier than many other fabrics. And it’s much gentler on the skin than linen, which has a much more durable structure. 



You can't go wrong with an all-cotton button-down from UNTUCKit to help soak up moisture, allowing for heat to effectively escape the body. They're the super comfortable 100% cotton men’s shirts that are constructed to stay cool when you’re out and about.

“Our breathable cotton shirts are perfect for hot weather because they keep you comfortable without sacrificing style,” says Sutton. 



Which Fabric Should I Choose For Spring This Year?

Which fabric you choose to go with this season will depend on your personal preference—but any of the above fabrics are easy choices. UNTUCKit makes styles in every one of the above fabrics that are perfect spring—but don’t take our word for it here. Just check out our selection of linen shirts, Wrinkle-Free Performance button-downs, easygoing mineral dye styles, and cool cotton shirts for guys.