By Sandra Nygaard


Feeling groggy and tired from staying indoors all day? Experts are calling it “quarantine fatigue,” and it’s affecting millions. However, studies show that in addition to getting outside and exercising regularly you can actually improve your mood, energy level, and thought process by wearing certain colors.

“Understanding which colors make you feel good about yourself can send your confidence soaring,” says author and color psychologist Angela Wright. She goes on to say that while the results are different for everyone, experimenting with new colors will reveal what she calls your feel-good “personal pallette.”

Skeptical? Not sure where to start? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Try out some of these new mood-enhancing colors for yourself.     


Red: For Energy Without Coffee



Bold colors give us powerful feelings. If you’re looking for more energy overall, this strong shade is the one for you. According to studies at Colour Affects, a color think tank, red’s effect isn’t just mental—it’s physical. According to its website, “red stimulates us and raises the pulse rate, giving the impression that time is passing faster than it is.” In other words, wearing red raises your energy level and stimulates your senses.

Pair the brighter red of our newest Performance polo and you’ll get a boost of energy. Or if you’re on the verge of presenting your next big idea via video call, try wearing an understated red, like the darker brick red on this soft jersey polo to keep yourself motivated.


Blue: For Razor-Sharp Focus




We could all use a little extra focus in our day, and this soothing color just does that. Studies show that blue helps lower your heart rate and can create a feeling of control. In addition to improving your concentration, dark blue shades also subconsciously suggest to others that you’re trustworthy and reliable.

This navy plaid Button-Down will bring you increased attention—and keep you comfortable while working from home. And this baby blue Performance+ shirt is an instant mood booster.


Green: To Keep Your Cool



We all need to unwind right now, and studies show wearing green can help you. Green hues will help establish a feeling of calm in a time when you might have trouble relaxing. Luckily we’ve got you covered. 

This charming, forest of this forest green button-down is perfect to keep for everyday wear. Whereas the grassy shade on the Keaton shirt next to it is perfect for the season, not only for its new spring color—but its wrinkle-free fabric too.


Purple: To Climb the Ladder




When it’s time to get serious, this is your shade. A combination of blue and red, purple adds a sense of depth and complexity to those who wear it. This royal hue evokes diligence rather than playfulness, so it can help managers act the part or junior level associates aim for the top. 

When you’ve logged off, try this supersoft short-sleeve Henley—ideal for movie marathons. But if you want to stock your closet for the dressed up moments that lie ahead, try our Wool Carpineto Sport Coat. It’s a bold, polished way to show your personality and help you focus on your goals..