This summer’s been a scorcher, but September is finally here to cool us off. That means you can look forward to the leaves changing, weekend road trips, and most importantly, our fresh collection of cozy fall styles.

For all its splendor, autumn can be a tricky time of year for outfitting: When the weather can feel like summer one moment and winter the next, it can be difficult to dress accordingly without feeling too hot or too cold. Luckily, our new fall line was designed with this problem in mind—with hundreds of great styles to choose from, we make it easy to layer up, dress down, and always stay at the just-right temperature. From supersoft untucked flannels to Wrinkle-Free denim, we have the essential styles to help make your autumn one to remember. 

Here’s an overview of our top looks for fall that we can’t wait for you to try, plus some insights about why they’re great and how to wear them from our amazing team of designers. 

“This collection was created with a more holistic approach in mind so you can make a more dynamic yet always cohesive wardrobe.” —Vanessa Pang, VP of Design 

1. Fall Calls for Performance Flannel Shirts

When the days get shorter and cooler, wearing a flannel shirt just feels right. But what is it about this fabric that makes it a perfect match for autumn weather? Its signature cozy texture is created by continuously brushing the fabric, resulting in that irresistibly soft feel. Our untucked Wrinkle-Free Performance styles take things a step further. Their breathable, wrinkle-fighting fabric has a hint of added stretch so you can move comfortably, even on that upcoming hiking trip. Plus, a moisture-wicking, odor-fighting treatment guarantees you’ll look and feel fresh even after a hard day’s work.

2. Burnt Red: Autumn’s Top Color

We took inspiration from fall’s color palette to create these vibrant styles in eye-catching shades of dark red. Although they’re certainly bold, they’ll fit in seamlessly with other warm autumn colors for a look that’s confident without being too loud. A standout in this collection is our bestselling Hemsworth Flannel in burnt red. Its uniquely soft texture, perfect untucked length, and fall-ready color make it an easy go-to for the season. Because red is such a naturally strong color, be sure to wear it with neutral earth tones to give your look some balance.

“We focused on a warm color palette with vibrant pops of reds to bring some excitement to your wardrobe.” —Emily DeOrsey, Senior Designer

3. Hit the Road in Untucked Wrinkle-Free Denim

Denim is most commonly associated with classic jeans, but this fabric also makes for some must-have shirts. Made from sturdy twill-woven cotton, denim is famous for its durability and breathability—and also its timelessly cool look. It’s hard to imagine an upgrade for such a versatile material, but once again, we dared to dream big. As the newest additions to our amazing Wrinkle-Free collection, these denim button-downs feature our legendary crease-free treatment so you can wash, dry, and wear them right at home. Their soft blue color is a nice contrast to the warm reds, oranges, and yellows of the season, and their adaptability makes them the essential untucked shirts for your autumn road trip.  

4. All About Plaid Styles

Fall’s favorite pattern? It has to be plaid. Once upon a time, this style was exclusive to lumberjacks and grunge rockers, but now is synonymous with web developers, campus stores, and especially all things autumn. Plaids differ from checks because they always use two or more colors of stripes which combine in uneven grids, creating a laid-back yet head-turning look. The Flannel Regner Shirt is a perfect example, crossing light and dark reds with subtle accents of cool blue and white for a style that effortlessly tows the line between polished and casual. Who wouldn’t love some plaid-itude in their closet? 

“We worked with new colors, new color combinations, and new fabrications so you can look great from the city to the country.” —Vanessa Pang

5. Shorter Days Need Long-Sleeve Polos

The end of summer usually means the end of polo season. But does it have to? That’s the question that inspired our latest collection of untucked polos. They still feature the soft-knit construction, perfect fit, and iconic ribbed collar of our famous short-sleeved polos, but with the addition of comfy long sleeves so you can rock your favorite styles even as cooler weather approaches. Solid colors have a classic, polished look that’s both sharp and relaxed, but if you’re looking for some retro flair, try our tipped polos that have eye-catching accents around the collar and chest pocket.

6. Get a Cool Look With Neutral Colors

Neutral colors refer to shades of white, gray, black, and even navy blue that easily pair with poppier colors. For example, if you want to show off that new, bright red Waffle Crewneck Sweater, you don’t want other styles competing for attention. So wear it with a pair of slate gray or khaki Classic Chino Pants that’ll feel comfortable without stealing the show. Earth tones can be great on their own too. The subtle yet confident look of our Wrinkle-Free Performance Gironde Shirt in light blue is crisper than autumn leaves and stays sharp all day thanks to moisture-wicking, wrinkle-fighting fabric.

7. Feel Good in EcoSoft™ Henleys 

Our softest Henleys yet aren’t just made for fall, they’re made with the planet in mind. We created them using TENCEL™ lyocell, a sustainably sourced fiber derived from plant cellulose, which not only feels soft, it’s better for the environment too. At first glance, you might notice these long-sleeve styles look more vibrant than ordinary shirts. That’s not an optical illusion, it’s a color-fast benefit of TENCEL™. With so many colors to choose from, you wouldn’t blame you if you snagged a few. They’re perfect for those warmer autumn days when it’s too hot for a sweater but too cold for a tee. 

“This EcoSoft collection features our softest tees and Henleys, and has a great color selection to choose from so every guy can find their perfect look.” —Lamont Holland, Senior Designer

8. Fair Trade Certified® Flannels & Sweaters 

For our newest line of comfy flannels and sweaters, we used a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, which means every purchase will help improve workers’ lives, build better supply chains, and reduce our impact on the environment. It starts with GOTS-certified organic cotton that’s sustainably farmed using no pesticides or GMOs. It’s then woven using eco-conscious, low-waste standards. A highlight in this collection is this new Buffalo Check Flannel Shirt in cool navy blue. Its bold pattern and perfect untucked length give some eye-catching personality to your weekend look making this an essential style for the campgrounds, the tailgate, and everything in between. 

9. Our Coziest Quarter-Zips

Early fall might feel more like summer, but it only takes a few weeks for the chill to hit the air. When it’s brisk but not quite cold enough for a jacket, just throw one of these easy quarter-zip sweaters over your favorite untucked button-down to add warmth without overheating. They’re made from 100% breathable Merino wool that naturally regulates body heat, so you always stay at the just-right temperature. Even better: The streamlined construction, cool solid colors, and classic zip-up neck always look sharp.

10. Sport Coats for Your Dressed-Up Fall Look

As we get closer to the holiday season, it’s important to have formalwear you can depend on for all of your dressed-up occasions. Our luxurious sport coats are the perfect finishing touch to your polished untucked look. The dapper Graydy Sport Coat is made from a fine wool-cashmere blend that not only adds warmth, it’s also fully lined for easy on and off. Even better—it’s made to keep its shape so you can cut loose at that big event without missing a beat. Layer it over a classic solid-white untucked button-down for a sharp look that’s sure to make this season unforgettable.