This summer, we’re staying out later, traveling further, and dressing bolder than ever. That means one killer closet for work, the weekend, and all of those vacations we have coming up.

So why choose an untucked shirt over a traditional style this season? In recent years, we’ve evolved past the simple black-and-white notions of “business attire” and “casual wear.” The professional workspace has become more relaxed, but we’ve also realized that feeling comfortable and looking sharp are not mutually exclusive. Luckily, UNTUCKit shirts are made to function in both dressed up and casual settings. 

With summer upon us, we’re more excited than ever to bring you the perfect-fitting untucked button-downs, colorful prints, and do-it-all fabrics to make finding your new look a breeze. Now’s the perfect time to give untucking a try. Whether you’re searching for styles to beat the heat or prepping a suitcase for that much-needed vacation, we’re here to answer all your questions about going untucked.

1. Can You Wear An Untucked Shirt In The Summer? 

Summer is undeniably the best season to wear your shirt untucked. Tucked-in shirts trap body heat, which makes you overheat and sweat, whereas untucked shirts allow air to circulate through the gaps between clothing for a cool, refreshing feel. This subtle difference goes a long way on humid days. Our lightweight linen and classic cotton styles feature breathable fabric and the perfect untucked length that’s essential for summer weddings, beach vacations, and everything else under the sun.

2. What Are The Best Men’s Shirts For 2023?

You can expect to see bold colors and lightweight fabric this season. For our latest collection, we took inspiration from the laid-back look of Southern California, as well as the lush foliage of the Caribbean. These new styles feature colorful, eye-catching patterns and prints that are familiar yet unmistakably modern. And if winter was any indication, we should expect some heat this season. Breathable material and short-sleeve shirts like our Wrinkle-Resistant Linens are going to be essential for staying cool (and looking even cooler) as temperatures rise.

3. Can Guys Wear An Untucked Shirt To A Happy Hour?

The short answer? Absolutely! When you’re headed from the workplace to a happy hour, you’ll need a shirt that looks and feels great in either context. That’s where our signature untucked shirts come in. For more upscale venues, consider a Wrinkle-Free Button-Down—possibly layered under a luxe sport coat—to achieve an elevated style. Classic solid colors are an easy go-to, but small, subtle patterns like microgingham also have a more polished look. If you’re grabbing drinks with some friends at the local bar, take a more casual approach with a laid-back polo and some Classic Chino Pants, which look great at the office and the hangout spot.

4. Is It Ok To Wear An Untucked Shirt To A Wedding?

Let’s face it: Eventually, every shirt at a wedding becomes an untucked shirt. After hours of mingling, dancing, and letting loose, your tucked-in wedding attire is sure to turn sloppy. The best way to prevent this is to dress smarter from the get-go. Because our shirts are designed to be worn untucked, you’ll look sharp from the processional to the reception. The UNTUCKit difference is particularly noticeable during the summer wedding season—especially for destination weddings, you’ll appreciate the cooling feeling an untucked dress shirt affords you in a crowded venue or at a sunny outdoor ceremony.

5. What Shirts Should Guys Wear To The Beach?

The beach has always been a place for relaxation—with no dress code to speak of—which means you can make beach casual style your own. The two main ingredients are lightweight linen shirts paired with quick-drying swim shorts. Like a preppier look? Choose a Short-Sleeve Performance Shirt with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. But summer weather can be fickle, so be sure to pack a warm yet breathable Crewneck Sweater or Cotton-Linen Hoodie in case of unexpected cloud cover.

6. What Temperature Can You Start Wearing Shorts? 

For most of us, shorts are a summer staple, so now is a great time to choose shorts over pants to prevent overheating and sweating. Our lightweight Drawstring Shorts perfectly compliment a short-sleeve untucked shirt so you can beat the heat in style and comfort. But don't let anyone tell you when to stop wearing them. Those unaffected by colder weather can wear our Classic Chino Shorts paired with a Henley or sweatshirt all year long.

7. What Shirts Should You Wear On Vacation? 

The difference between an amateur tourist and an expert vacationer: The choice of resort wear. In the moment and in your camera roll, your getaway look can define the entire mood of your vacation. Laid-back, breathable styles like our lightweight Cotton Slub Resort Shirt and lightweight Linen Button-Downs are essential for warm-weather retreats to look sharp and feel great. Have a nice dinner planned? Try one of our Italian Wool Sport Coats over a solid Wrinkle-Free Button-Down to achieve a reservation-worthy look.

8. Can You Go Golfing In An Untucked Shirt?

The rules of golf are set in stone, but the dress code is flexible. The simple answer: Wear what you’re comfortable in and it'll show in your game. In recent years, even Wall Street has relaxed their dress policies, so even top courses shouldn’t have a problem with an untucked shirt on the fairway. Choose a Performance Button-Down or a No Sweat Polo, featuring breathable short sleeves and moisture-wicking fabric, to take on 18 holes—and the bar after. In the event that your course has a more traditional dress code, you're in luck! You can always tuck in our polos (and then untuck when the marshal isn't looking). That’s the beauty of UNTUCKit: Our shirts are designed to be worn untucked, but you can absolutely tuck them in when you have to.

9. Can You Give Your Dad A Shirt As A Gift?

We thought you’d never ask! Our untucked shirts have always been dad-certified favorites. He’ll love to unwrap them on his birthday, Father’s Day, and every other special occasion. If Dad’s looking for styles that lean towards the polished side, you can’t go wrong with solid-color button-downs or premium sport coats to expand his dressed-up wardrobe. If he’s the fun-loving life of the party, add some colorful printed shirts to his collection to help him get into a vacation state of mind.

10. How Should You Dress For The Fourth Of July?

The most obvious way to show your patriotic spirit? Simple: Just wear red, white, and blue. For a more understated look, choose a muted shade of red or blue as the focal point for your outfit. A solid navy button-down like our Wrinkle-Free Performance Gironde Shirt is one of the most versatile styles you can own, and will effortlessly carry you from a parade to an evening barbecue. If you’re aiming for a bigger statement, you’re in luck: Our unique, colorful printed shirts—like the vibrant Cotton Short-Sleeve Coolidge Shirt—are as eye-catching as a fireworks display.