Seek a Change of Scenery

“When I need to get some writing done, I relocate to my dining room table. The view looks out onto Brooklyn and inspires me instantly.”

—Dan M., Editorial Director

Staying inspired is difficult when you're staring at the same four walls all day. If you’re able, try recreating your workspace with different views that tap into your creativity—whether it’s with artwork, a plant, or whatever's outside your window.

Build a Standing Desk

“I've created a makeshift standing desk by stacking different objects from around my apartment. It helps keep me on my feet and lets me avoid the aches and pains that come with sitting all day.”

—Paige C., Marketing Manager

Don't shell out for a pro version if you don't have to. Just stack books and other flat objects you already own. It's free, and your hips will thank you. 

Consider Classical

“My roommate listens to classical music when working. I didn't realize how soothing it is—excellent background music.”

—Serria T., PR Manager

The “Mozart Effect” may not be a myth after all. Numerous studies have cited classical music as boosting concentration and efficiency.

Take The Scenic Route

“I moved my printer to the second floor of my home, so I would have to get up and move to retrieve printed materials.”

Brandon M., Retail Brand Officer

Scattering office supplies throughout your space can force you to take small mental breaks, which can help sharpen your focus once you’ve returned to your post.

Use Timers

“I work on project for no more than one hour at a time, rotating tasks throughout the day so my mind stays challenged.”

—Jenny O., Chief Marketing Officer

If you give yourself all day to complete a task, you're more likely use the entire day. With the added pressure of a deadline, you're more inclined to finish within that window. 

Block Out Time For lunch

“I make a ‘lunch appointment’ with my husband for a specified time period. We’ve made it a rule to sit at the table and talk about things other than the news or work.”

Brandon M., Retail Brand Officer

Even if you don’t have a table for two, it’s still a good idea to carve out some time each day where you step away from your screen and focus on anything other than your inbox. 

Soak Up The Sun

“I still get up at the same time and use what would be my my commute time to sit on my porch in the sun. Despite all the things happening, it usually helps me have positive thoughts.”

—Reena de la Rosa, Design Director

Maintaining your routine can provide a sense of control and stability during uncertain times. It can help your mind maintain a sense of normalcy in a time when it's more likely to wander.