In late summer,  the weather gets fickle. When the temperature goes from 90 degrees one day to 68 the next, it's hard to know what to wear. Especially if you're going somewhere that requires you to look put together. 

But don’t sweat it. UNTUCKit has styles that work well in all types of unpredictable temperatures. From colorful button-downs that feel great in the sun to polos that refuse to wrinkle all day, these styles will get you from A to B without any hassle—and look great doing it, no matter the weather. They’re just the styles to end the summer with a bang.

Cotton Madras Merlino Shirt

There are plenty of summer shirt fabrics out there (linen, seersucker, pique) but none of them as cool and recognizable as Madras. The classic shirts feature a signature bold plaid that gives your look a cool, casual prep, but is also designed to keep you cool. 

The Merlino shirt is among our newest—and one of our new favorites. It has an eye-popping blue, teal, and red plaid that makes it easy for when the weather goes from summer to fall and back. It’s made in India from 100% cotton, and it pairs great with denim, chinos, or shorts (depending on the weather, obviously).


Soft Wash Short-Sleeve Briscoe Shirt

It might look like your run-of-the-mill short-sleeve shirt upon first glance. But there’s a whole lot more to this button-down than meets the eye. It’s one of our special Soft Wash shirts—made from all cotton, but treated with a special, heavy garment wash. The result? One of the softest shirts we've ever made. 

It’s perfect for hot summer days because of its short sleeves and soft feel—but it can act as the perfect base layer in chillier weather too because its fabric is substantial too. Plus, because it’s a bold solid, it pairs well with practically everything.


Wrinkle-Free Performance
Short-Sleeve Hechinger Shirt

We've all been there. You get ready In the morning when it's nice and cool. You But by lunch, it's insanely hot and your look makes you overheat. Well, you don’t have to sweat it when you’re wearing a shirt like this Performance button-down. It stretches for your comfort, wicks sweat—plus it features one of the lightest fabrics we use. 

Plus, the blue plaid pattern fits in pretty much anywhere, and pairs perfectly with a pair of Chinos or Drawstring Shorts (or jeans, if you’re really into blue). It’s one of our more popular go-anywhere styles that also makes a great layer, in case unpredictable temperatures are in your future.


Wrinkle-Free Damaschino Polo 

A good polo is the perfect go-anywhere style. Why? Because it’s casual enough for a summer adventure—but with just enough formality that you won’t look out of place at the office. We’re famous for our polos, and the Damaschino is the all-season classic you’ll want to wear everywhere. 

Not only does it feel great, but it’s treated to resist wrinkling all day long. So no matter what you’re up to or where you’re headed, you know you’ll look great no matter what. Plus, it comes in dozens of colors, so you have plenty of options to stock up on.



Vintage Wash Alvaro Shirt

Our Vintage Wash shirts are some of the most comfortable you’ll ever wear—perfect for when the weather is unpredictable. We take our soft cotton and stone wash it over and over again for a lived-in feel, right from the first wear. It’ll feel like an old favorite the first time you put it on.

It’s the great foundation for a season-friendly outfit, no matter where you’re headed. It’ll never look out of place at work, but it’s really useful when you’re on the go and need to look put-together without overheating or being too chilly.