Feel that chill in the air? Winter’s on its way, so it’s time to layer up. We have everything you need to look good while feeling comfortable as the weather gets cold—including must-have shirts and flannels designed to be worn untucked, not to mention the sweaters and jackets that go with them. We even have all-new hats and scarves.

Here are all the essentials you’ll need as crisp fall weather gives way to chilly winter temps.


Wrinkle-Free Performance Shirts

Our untucked shirts are the perfect foundation of any outfit—just right for layering under a sweater or jacket. They’re wrinkle-free, have plenty of stretch, and wick moisture. So whether you wear one on its own or under a layer, it’ll always stay crisp and dry.

Wrinkle-Free Performance Flannels

Wrinkle-Free Performance flannels are some of our hardest-working shirts. They have all the warmth and coziness of our bestselling flannels—plus the benefits of our Wrinkle-Free Performance fabric. So you can stay warm while getting four-way stretch and sweat wicking in a material that resists creases all day. We love flannel in the winter—and this fabric is basically flannel 2.0.

Bedford Cord Shirts

Corduroy shirts are great, but they can get a little too toasty. So for our take on these winter essentials, we used a microcord. Named after New Bedford, MA, a city famous for top-tier textiles, our Bedford Cord shirts are soft but durable, and perfect for the cooler months. The faint ridges on this comfortable cord-like weave add texture without feeling heavy like some traditional corduroy. They’re perfect for your next family gathering or holiday party.

Brushed Overshirts

When it’s chilly but not freezing outside, our extra-thick brushed overshirts are an easy option, and go great over your favorite tee or Henley. Featuring soft, 100 percent cotton that's brushed to perfection, these styles are great to stay comfortable in unpredictable weather. Buttoned or unbuttoned, there’s no wrong way to wear them.

Merino Wool Sweaters

Our Merino wool sweaters pair over one of our untucked shirts of any style—and add a bit of polish to your look. In addition to crewneck and V-neck styles, you can opt for a quarter-zip style, which lets you quickly adjust your warmth. There’s also our mock-neck style for a more traditional look. They’re all made from Merino wool, which is supersoft and naturally regulates your body temperature so you don’t get too hot.

Water-Repellent Utility Jackets

To face rain, snow, and sleet, you need something tough that still looks great. This not-too-heavy Water-Repellent Utility Jacket resists the elements to keep you dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather—without overheating. Cool deep pockets offer plenty of storage and a laid-back look.

Fair Isle Sweaters

Ugly sweater party coming up? This isn’t the style for you. Our Fair Isle sweaters are a holiday classic at its best. Fair Isle, named after one of Scotland’s Shetland Islands, is a traditional knitting technique used to create these colorful, layered patterns. Ours are woven from 100 percent extra-fine Merino wool. Cozy, soft, and supremely warm, they’re perfect for chilly weather. Wear one with a solid untucked shirt and chinos to look great at office parties and get-togethers with family and friends.

Scarves & Hats

Add the final touch to any fall outfit with one of our incredibly soft scarves or knit caps. They’re woven with our supersoft wool blend designed to keep you warm and cozy during the coldest temperatures. Try this cold-weather essential, the perfect topper to any holiday look.