It's not secret we make the Original Untucked Shirt—but we also make all the styles that go perfectly with them. That includes tees, Henleys, sweaters, jackets—and even pants.

They're the secret weapon of our untucked assortment—and our best customers love them. Not just because they look sharp and feel comfortable just like our bestselling shirts (they do), but because we took the same approach to fit as we do with our button-downs. That is to say: we started from scratch and set out to fit as many guys as possible. 

Why did we start from the beginning? Because our customers love going untucked. So, we created pants designed to look great with our shirts. We started with a generous size range (30–40 inch waist), plus inseams for guys of all heights with 30-, 32-, and 34-inch inseams.

On top of that, we've introduced straight and slim fits in our Chino Pants and 5-Pocket Pants. Straight is the go-to fit for most guys, with just the right amount of room in the waist, seat, and thighs. 

For comfort—and to fit even more guys—we added three percent stretch to all of our pants. This allows for a little extra wiggle room when you're out and about, so you never feel constricted. Don't worry, you can still wash and dry all of our pants from home. 

And that's not even covering our awesome fabric selection. They're each designed with a different vibe in mind: everyday, casual, tech-forward, and extra warm. Here's how UNTUCKit's pants will help you—and your favorite untucked shirt—stand out below.

Chino Pants

These are the ubiquitous pants every guy needs in his closet. If you're headed to work, a nice dinner, the in-laws', or any kind of swanky event, these are the pants you should reach for. Their slit pockets are cool, discreet, and right for formal situations. Our Chino Pants are outfitted with unbreakable buttons, heat-locked thread, and double-stitched seams that won't bust, even after Thanksgiving. The fabric is a fine twill weave, which creates that classic chino look and feel. But we recently reengineered the fit, so it won't hug at the thigh or calf. Plus, that extra hint of stretch makes everything fit just right. If you don't own them already, be sure to add them to your next untucked haul.


5-Pocket Pants

Made from the same material as our Chino Pants, the 5-pocket pants gives you a familiar look but with a more laid-back pocket situation. They're cut like your favorite jeans, which means rounded pockets that face up for even easier access and a decidedly more casual feel. Plus, they have a handy fifth pocket for storing little stuff—mints, spare keys, and the like. We've even secured the pockets with a steel rivet for a classic look and durable hold. Make them the official pantalones of your next weekend adventure.


Traveler Pants

Our team wanted to solve a problem with everything we make, just like we did untucked shirts. So we created do-it-all pants like our Wrinkle-Free Performance Shirts. They have lots of stretch and wrinkle resistance, plus they're water-repellent. So, you can go from the golf course to a dinner out without having to bring a spare pair in your bag. And unlike many tech pants with stretch, they'll keep their stretch wash after wash without the seat giving out. Try these styles (available in straight fit) when you're not sure where your day will take you, but comfort is still a must. 


If you haven't tried the perfect pair of pants, explore our entire collection here.  You can also find your nearest store to have one of our associates help you find the perfect UNTUCKit Fit in everything we make. They can even store that info in your myUNTUCKit account, which makes shopping with us that much easier.