By Max Berlinger


At UNTUCKit, we’re obsessed with fit—which involves not only selecting the proper shirt but wearing your shirt properly as well. If you thought you knew how to roll your sleeves, chances are you’re technically right. After all, it’s not rocket science—you just flip up your cuff and flip it up again, right? Sure, that’s one way to do it. But we have a smarter technique that might surprise you. We call it The Italian, because it’s a technique Italian men have used for ages to keep their sleeves looking sharp and locked in place.

The three steps are simple: First, unbutton your cuff. Second, fold the sleeve halfway up your arm so the end of the cuff hits just above the crook of your elbow. Finally fold the bottom of the sleeve up again just below the first fold, so it keeps the first fold in place and leaves the smallest bit of cuff sticking out.


Because The Italian uses only two folds, it yields a neater look and prevents the roll from strangling your forearm. As a bonus, that small bit of fabric peeking out at your biceps shows your style know-how and attention to detail, especially if it's a contrast cuff.

The Italian holds your sleeves in tight without being too restrictive, and also keeps them from looking big and bulky. So if you're like us and know that an understated tweak can set your look apart from the pack’s, it’s time to embrace this new approach. Just like our untucked shirts, rolling like the Italians is a smarter way to go casual.