Over the past decade, we’ve helped millions of guys untuck. But it didn’t happen overnight. Along the way there were many lessons about shirt fabric, quality, details, and more. The shirts we sell today are highly adapted, top-of-the-line button-downs compared to the first few batches back in 2011.

In fact, since the company started in our Founder Chris Riccobono’s apartment, we’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge about traditional shirtmaking. We reengineered a lot of it. But many of the finer details we kept and even mastered. Wrinkle-Free™ cotton, shatter-proof buttons, single-needle side seams, the perfect cuffs—all elements we still pride ourselves on.

So, to commemorate 10 years of UNTUCKit, we put together our finest button-downs to date, combining all of our shirting design prowess and passion into one collection. We’re excited to introduce our Italian Cotton Button-Downs, top-tier shirts are rendered in patterns and colors that are inspired by our first and most successful shirts ever.

They’re made with the finest long-staple cotton from Italy. Not only is it only smoother and softer, but more durable as well. They feature all of the best UNTUCKit has to offer: Wrinkle-Free™ fabric from the famed Italian mill Monti, a Stay-Put Collar™ that won’t fall flat, sturdy cuffs, and of course that just-right untucked length. They’re special shirts, but ones you can wear every day to look great at work and the weekend.

“These shirts represent the pinnacle of what we do best at UNTUCKit,” says Riccobono. “They’re the top of the line. But like all of our shirts, you can wear them just about anywhere.”

Our limited-edition Italian Cotton Button-Downs commemorating UNTUCKit’s 10th anniversary are available exclusively at UNTUCKit.com starting November 4, 2021. They’re available in our regular and slim fits, as well as in sizes small to XXXL. Get one for yourself or as a holiday gift before they sell out.