When the heat is on, you need clothes that work to keep you comfortable—not weigh you down or make the summer heat worse. That’s why we’ve created a whole closet of styles that are made to keep you cool even when the temperatures rise—each one perfect for the sweltering summer months. Meet the top UNTUCKit shirts for summer.

Whether you need a button-down that’ll keep sweat at bay or a sharp polo that’s perfect for the golf course, we’ve specifically designed styles that meet the moment for you. You can find all of your summer untucked shirts right here. Read on to see how each new drop from our summer collection could meet your untucked shirt needs this summer.

Where Can I Find New Printed Linen Shirts?

Linen is a summer staple. The fabric itself is made from the stem of the flax plant—so it’s soft, durable, and a whole lot lighter than other materials out there. This summer, we’re proud to introduce all new linen untucked shirts with festive summer prints. They’re made to be worn to the beach, the barbecue, or the boardwalk. 

So when it comes to picking an outfit for your next outing, look no further. Choose from great, all-new untucked shirts like the
Linen Short-Sleeve Heaton Shirt, which has a more subtle tan floral print, or for a real pop of color, check out the Durize shirt—its navy and pink palm leaf print is sure to draw glances, and maybe even a little jealousy. 

If you’re really ready to go all-out on our new linen printed untucked shirts for men, take the next step with a style from our collaboration with David Hart: the Linen Short-Sleeve Shark Shirt, inspired by the easy Montauk lifestyle, is a great choice for a bolder print. (You can read more on that exclusive collaboration further down.)

What Are Wrinkle-Resistant Linen Shirts?

Wrinkle-Resistant Linen shirts are our summer bestsellers. But they're not just any linen shirts: these shirts are specially treated to resist the pesky creasing that plagues typical linen styles. In other words, these shirts refuse to crease no matter what the weather brings—no matter what the breeze brings.

They’re customer favorites for a reason. “I have purchased three linen long-sleeve shirts from UNTUCKit,” says customer Don K. of the Wrinkle-Resistant Linen Vin Santo Shirt. “I’ve never been disappointed. They’re my go-to shirts for summer comfort.”

“I really like these shirts,” says Derek C. of the
Wrinkle-Resistant Linen Short-Sleeve Cameron Shirt. “The material is just the right thickness to keep you cool and holds its form.”

Whether you choose long- or short-sleeve solid Wrinkle-Resistant Linen shirts, you’ll be set all summer.

What Is Seersucker?

Seersucker is a thin fabric that's made from cotton—but has been woven into unique pattern appearance and texture. It's another summer staple—think seersucker suits at the Kentucky Derby—and is a gently elevated choice when choosing a shirt for your day.

UNTUCKit makes a select few seersucker styles that look and feel great in summer weather. You can't beat an easy go-to like the Pavao shirt: your textured basic button-down in short sleeves. And the people tend to agree.

"[My husband] is so picky about the way his shirts feel due to the weight and feel of a fabric," says Kimberley H. "This one is totally on point."

"A nice weight to wear for a smart casual look on vacation," agrees Christine W. And "the fabric is wonderful," says Linda S. "Very soft. The medium fit was perfect—and I love the pale blue color."

What Are Wrinkle-Free Performance Shirts?

Wrinkle-Free Performance styles are customer favorites for a reason. They’re the year-round sweat-wicking, crease-fighting shirts that keep guys comfortable and cool—no matter the temperature. But that’s only half of what makes them so perfect for summer weather.

UNTUCKit has just launched a new line of Wrinkle-Free Performance shirts in bright, colorful new summer prints and patterns—so you can have the best summer shirt out there. Choose from standout styles like the Ferguson shirt, with its bright, summer-y lilac plaid pattern, or the Hawkins shirt, an easy shirt with a subtle, sophisticated blue, green, and lilac check pattern.

But we know the hot weather can be a little much for long sleeves, so we’ve also created Wrinkle-Free Performance shirts with short sleeves. Styles like the Mondello shirt have a standout grapefruit print on a blue foundation—but with the same moisture-wicking, wrinkle-fighting technology as our long sleeves. 

Other great options for short-sleeve warm-weather shirts: the Mullins, with a classy white foulard print, or the Holloway, which has a teal flower print that’s so subtle, it’s almost a secret. 

Untucked Wrinkle-Free Performance shirts are the easy summer styles that look great for whatever you’re up to—and they work hard to keep you comfortable. Our new summer collection ups the ante with standout prints that are perfect for the season.

What Does It Mean To Be Fair Trade Certified?

Fair Trade Certified™ factories pay workers fair wages, have better working conditions, have improved access to clean water, and many more practices that protect workers’ livelihoods and improve the communities around them. And we’re only getting started. (You can learn more about our efforts here.We’ve started working with Fair Trade Certified factories to produce a line of cotton-stretch shirts with fun, vibrant summer prints. 

Our Fair Trade Certified collection has the cotton stretch shirts that you’ll love to wear all season long—including this bright blue check shirt, a subtle, sophisticated dot print shirt, and even a short-sleeve button-down with a more festive safari print

Each of these shirts were made for summer in Fair Trade Certified factories across the globe to  help improve workers’ livelihoods, protect the environment, and build more transparent supply chains.

What Is The New EcoSoft™ Fabric?

Our all-new EcoSoft fabric is among our softest fabrics—but with a sustainable twist. It’s made from cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell, a synthetic fiber derived from plant cellulose that’s produced through an eco-friendly, closed loop manufacturing process. (TENCEL™ Lyocell is a trademark of Lenzing AG.) 

We have a collection of all-new Henleys made from this supersoft and lightweight material that you have to try on to believe.
The Essential Henley in Ecosoft is feather-weight—perfect for summer—and comes with the classic three-button placket that’s easy to adjust to your comfort. 

Our EcoSoft styles are another step toward building a more sustainable assortment, while keeping quality and ease front-of-mind. Don’t worry; we’ll be designing more styles with this incredible fabric in mind. In the meantime, stock up for these Henleys for summer while you can.

What Is This Summer’s Top Collaboration With UNTUCKit?

The summer’s best collaboration has to be the UNTUCKit + David Hart collab. We partnered with one of our favorite independent menswear designers David Hart on a capsule collection that’s just for summer. It includes some of our favorite new styles such as the Cable-Knit Polo—perfect for cool evenings out on the town—and the beach-ready Lobster Shirt that’s sure to turn a few heads. All of it inspired by a trip Hart took to Montauk.

“There’s just an ease about Montauk,” he told us. “There's this rustic, nostalgic energy that's in that town and I think it really fits with the mood of UNTUCKit.” 

What Are Some Top Untucked Shirts To Wear This Summer?

UNTUCKit shirts are the top untucked shirts to wear this summer. Whether you choose festive, breezy linen shirts, wrinkle-resistant linen styles, Wrinkle-Free Performance shirts with sweat-wicking tech, or any of the classic cotton styles, you’ll feel comfortable and stylish all season long.