In summer, many of your year-round threads are too heavy to wear. They could leave you drenched in sweat, so it’s important to choose your clothes—and their fabrics—wisely. That means looking for lightweight, breathable materials that can help combat the heat, sweat, and wrinkles that often come with summer style.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of softer, lighter-weight fabrics to choose from, and UNTUCKit makes great styles in all of them. These are the top fabrics that will keep you cool and let in the occasional breeze—all while helping you look sharp.

Wrinkle-Resistant Linen

Linen is a lightweight fabric that’s made from the fibers of the flax plant, so not only is it light, it’s incredibly durable. It’s naturally breathable, so you can feel every cool summer breeze while still looking put-together. And it also evaporates moisture quickly, so you can stay cool and dry during even the hottest summer days. 

The problem with traditional linen, though? It wrinkles—a lot. But at UNTUCKit, we’ve treated our Wrinkle-Resistant Linen to make pesky creases a thing of the past. Just wash and dry them at home, then hang up while still warm for the full wrinkle-resistant effect. In short, it’s the perfect summer style. 


Soft Wash Shirts

An extra dose of softness never hurts when the heat is on. That’s why we treat our 100% cotton Soft Wash shirt with a heavy garment wash once they’re constructed. When combined with a powerful softener, this treatment smooths and conditions each fiber to feel incredibly soft to the touch.

This summer, make the short-sleeve Soft Wash Briscoe shirt your go-to. It comes in three colors, and works for everything from the office to a weekend getaway. Wherever you are with the Briscoe—you’ll be insanely comfortable. 


Wrinkle-Free Performance

UNTUCKit’s Performance fabric is so soft and lightweight, it’s practically made for summer. From a distance, it looks like any of our cotton button-downs, but on the inside our exclusive fabric is hard at work. It wicks away sweat on even the hottest summer days. It also stretches for extra comfort, so you can move freely all season. It even resists wrinkles—and you can wash and dry our Performance shirts at home.

Performance shirts come in everyday solids and playful prints, as well as long- and short-sleeve options. So with Performance, your whole summer is covered.



A distant cousin of denim, chambray is a great choice of fabric for the warm summer months. It’s plain-weave cotton that’s lighter than denim, but has a very similar weave (and therefore feel). Fun fact: in the United States, day laborers used to wear chambray shirts with their jeans—leading to the term “blue collar.” 

UNTUCKit has a few chambray shirts, the newest being the printed Coolidge shirt, which adds a little touch of personality to your summer closet. Pair it with a pair of Chino Pants, and you’ve got a great summer look that works anywhere.