Spring is here, and we’re finally starting to get back to all the things we’ve been missing: dinner out with friends, concerts in the park, family vacations, and reuniting with loved ones. Yet with all these exciting developments, it’s easy to overlook returning to the office. Most of us haven’t touched our dressed up clothes in over a year. Luckily, we have just the thing to jumpstart your closet before your first day.

To help us transition from the couch to the office (and beyond), we’ve assembled our top tips on what to wear when returning to work—like button-downs you never have to iron and polos that resist sweat stains —designed to keep you comfortable from your morning commute all the way to happy hour. Read on for our guide to office attire.


1. Wear An Untucked Shirt

Good news: After a year of Zoom meetings and living in tees and sweats, many office dress codes are more casual than ever as workers return. Our untucked button-downs are the perfect styles for looking sharp and feeling confident throughout the workday. They have that just-right length that’s not too long like traditional dress shirts.

So getting dressed every morning will be happening soon, but who has time to iron those shirts every morning? Not us. Luckily, our famous Wrinkle-Free button-downs resist wrinkles all day and never need ironing. Just wash and dry them at home to watch the wrinkles magically disappear.


2. Try Dark Colors and Solids

Everyone knows dark, solid colors are flattering. That’s because they don’t reveal shadows the way lighter clothes do, so they make you appear slimmer. That means they’re great for office attire too, especially because they pair well with everything that’s in your closet.

Plus, they look great in any setting, from important presentations to a night out for drinks. Pair them with chinos for formal meetings and client dinners or with your favorite denim for a more casual day at the office.

But don’t worry about overheating in the summer heat. Our lightweight fabrics—like Performance™ with stretch and Wrinkle-Resistant™ linen—are made to keep you cool even on the hottest days. That means you won’t dread those long walks from the parking lot or when the office A/C isn’t cutting it.


3. Dress Up With Finer Checks

In spring and summer, even your sharpest looks can be comfortable too. Finer checks—the kind that have thin lines and create smaller patterns—are great for a more dressed-up office. You’ll find plenty in our bestselling Wrinkle-Free that’s right for any office.

For big presentations or important meetings, a check in blue or green is always a good choice. Blue is shown to make others see you as trustworthy and dependable, whereas green can help you keep your cool in stressful situations. In any case, pair your fine check shirt with a sport coat and chinos for an easy way to look great and feel comfortable.


4. Don't Forget About Polos

In summer, when we’re not wearing button-downs, you can find us in polos . Polos are knit, which means they’re naturally breathable and stretchy. If your office is more laid back, this is the perfect option to start your return to the office on a comfortable note.

They might have been considered casual before quarantine, but now polos are considered appropriate office attire. They look great at work, happy hour, and even on the weekends. Ours come in everything from soft Jersey to structured Pique, sweat-wicking Performance™, and more. So if you’re shooting for one closet that works for every occasion, polos definitely need to be in there.

Whether you’re already back at the office, going soon, or you’ll keep working from home, we’ve got the perfect styles to help you look and feel your best when you’re at work. Just mix and match a few of our iconic button-downs or polos in different fabrics and you’re set.